6 Tips To Ensure Safety Of Your Baby

Curiosity is common to all children. It’s a good thing and very natural. They are just exploring the new world like “Dora-The Explorer”. Although, there is nothing wrong about it, there are some potential dangers associated with. This is where you need to pay close attention for the safety of your baby. Just follow these six tips, and you can have a sound sleep every night!

Have A Simple Nursery
This is where your baby spends most of the time and sleep at night. Securing it for the baby is your top priority. Make sure to have a simplistic convertible baby crib from any renowned brand. Don’t use any bumper as it is believed to be a cause of SIDS. But if you insist, then you can use it but you have to remove it as soon as your baby can stand.

Also, do not put any stuffed toys and decorative pillows inside the crib with the baby. As per many experts, these unnecessary stuffs can cause unwanted trouble for your baby.

Beware Of Lead Poisoning
You do have a baby food maker, right? But do you know each and every food maker contains lead. Lead is detrimental for the health of your baby if exceeds standard level. The good news is, almost all the baby food maker maintains the standard and all you need to double check it.

Beware Of Fire: You may or may not know this charming fact. Whenever a curious baby sees fire for the first time in any form anywhere, he will try to touch it or even worse, try to bite it! And if your little toddler sees you using a lighter to ignite fire, you can be 100% sure he will try to mimic it alone. So here are some fire safety tips for you:

  • Make sure your baby has no access to fire equipments like a lighter.
  • When he last time did you check your fire alarm? Check it regularly.
  • When you go to sleep at night, make sure to close every interior doors.

Fall Prevention Tips
Children are playful and that way they can live at their full potential. Child injury due to play is common to every family. But it can be minimized with your extra caution. The playground where your kid goes to regularly should have dirt or grass. Wooden chips or sand is preferable. Also, when go to the playground, having a first aid box is not that an odd idea!

Additionally, to make your home safe for your baby, you must have guard rails, guard on windows, stair gates etc.

convertible baby cribBeware Hazards From Pets
You can’t imagine your baby without a pet, right? Who does not like a cute dog or a cat? Everyone loves them and your baby loves them even more. Your baby will not only touch the pet but also touch it the pet’s food/drink bowls, cage, litter etc. As a parent, you need to make sure washing his/her hands every time your kids touch the pet or any toys.

Also, make sure to clean your pets regularly. If they get sick, go to the pet care clinic ASAP. Keeping your pet healthy also means keeping your baby healthy.

Take Measures Against Drowning
Did you know on an average, 3 children die every day in the USA due to drowning? But kids love to have fun at the pool and you should definitely let them. It’s very essential to live a joyful life for your baby. But as a parent, it’s your job to have extra safety measures against drowning.

Just like everyone, you baby should learn to swimming ASAP. If you have a backyard swimming pool, install a four sided isolation fence with self closing and self latching gates. Having such gets will help to prevent your baby to go to the pool when they are not supposed to.

Hope you will follow these tips to keep your baby safe. But the most important fact is to follow these tips regularly. Keeping safe your baby is not a one time job. Spend a lot of time with your baby. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and families to show some love.