Philips AVENT SCF870/21 Combined Baby Food Steamer and Blender Reviews

When I came across the Philips Avent steamer blender I wasn’t sure if it was the right product for me and my “bundle of joy”. Like any other mother, I wanted to prepare baby food in the most hygienic conditions. I mean, how often have you heard of food poisoning due to mold growing inside a blender or steamer? In fact, my neighbor next door often complained about her blender being a little bit difficult to clean. Her main worry was germs and bacteria remaining inside even after thorough cleaning.

I heard owned several blenders and steamers as this was my fourth child. But this time, around I wanted something better and more user-friendly. It had to be easy-to-use, serve as a blender and steamer, powerful and quick, and offer speedy service. After scouting the market I opted for the Philips Avent Scf870/21 Combined Baby Food Steamer And Blender.So, why did I choose it?

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Features of Philips Avent Steamer Blender

Steamer and Blender

The first thing that drew me to the Avent steamer blender was the fact it was both a steamer and blender. I couldn’t imagine having to purchase a blender then a blender. Firstly, I was working on a budget. Secondly, I didn’t have all that space in my kitchen. Thirdly, who has the energy to operate two devices then clean them afterwards? The combo Avent steamer and blender by Phillips was certainly the best option.

Variable Blending Speeds

I love blending different types of foods. Some require being a bit course while others are best served extra smooth. The texture of the food is influenced by the child’s age. The older he is, the less fine it needs to be. I also wasn’t planning to buy another steamer/blender anytime soon. The Avent blender and steamer comes with three variable blending speeds that make it ideal for different foods and ages.


The Phillips Avent steamer and blender is quite versatile. First-of-all it’s both a blender and steamer. Secondly, it is ideal for different types of foods (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and more). Thirdly, it’s ideal for the very young, more mature, and even fussiest of kids. Once done with steaming food, you simply turn the jar upside down so as to blend. No need to transfer the food to another container. You also don’t have to invest in extra pre-made mush jars.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Philips baby food steamer and blender is easy and straightforward. It comes with few parts that are easy to detach. All you need it running it under water. It’s good design helps conserve the texture and nutrients for a longer time. Courtesy of its high-quality material that is free of BPA (Bisphenol A), you don’t have to worry about deterioration or toxicity.

Philips AVENT SCF870/21

  • Powerful and reliable motor improves efficiency and productivity
  • Quick steaming and blending speeds save a user effort and time
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to few parts and quality design
  • Can steam and blend a variety of foods, vegetables, fruits and more
  • User-friendly and ergonomic design makes it easy to use and store
  • Innovative design: turn over the jar to change the steamer into a blender

  • The Avent steamer blender and steamer run on220volts. A user has to buy a converter to use it in regions served by 110volts.
  • Jar mouth small: The opening of the jar is a bit restricted. A person needs to be more thorough when cleaning.
  • No indicator to tell when descaling is needed.
  • The user has to wait for 10 minutes for the motor to cool before reusing.

Highlighted Features

  • The Philips Avent steamer blender is a combination of a steamer and blender.
  • It features a light and compact design making it easy to use and store
  • It is ideal for food used in weaning babies.
  • Efficient steam cycle preserves nutrients and heat
  • Runs on 220volts.110 volt converter sold separately.
  • The Avent blender comes with a recipe booklet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Question: Can the Avent steamer and blender warm feeding bottles.
Answer: Also referred to as Avent bottle warmer, the steamer and blender by Philips is also suitable for warming bottles.

2. Question: Where is the Avent steamer and blender manufactured?
Answer: The steamer/blender is manufactured in the UK by Avent under the Philips brand.

3. Question: Since it is marked as a 220volt device can I use it in the US?
Answer: The combo steamer and blender from Avent follow European standards that use 220volts. Nonetheless, you can still use it in the US. All you need is purchasing a power converter which steps up power from 110 to 220volts.

Final Verdict

Preparing baby food during weaning should be easy. It should not feel like a chore. Also, you want to spend the least time possible. The Avent steamer blender is powerful, fast, and reliable. It also produces minimal noise, user-friendly, and is light and compact. This makes it suitable for new as well as experienced mothers. However, it is rated as 220volts. You, therefore, need to buy a converter. The mouth of the jar is a bit restricted and cleaning can be a hassle. All-in-all, anyone searching for reliability, power, and good hygiene will find the Philips baby food steamer and blender ideal.

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