Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System Reviews

Babies are the future of everything you are doing at the present time. Your hard working and planning are meaningless without your better future. So, caring for your baby should be your first priority. Healthy food is one of the most important needs for the growing up kids. If you are unable to care for your baby because of your regular work, we won’t suggest you reduce the amount of regular work that keeps you busy. Rather let’s think from a different view, be the smart parent with the smartest gadget of 2016 by using baby food maker. You will find thousands of baby food makers on Amazon. But we won’t let you be confused.

Baby Bullet has been known in providing food-making systems that enable you to offer the best nutrition for a strong healthy baby. This The 20-piece set of baby food maker features stainless steel chopping and blending blades and comes with a power base, 3-piece batch bowl for larger batches, 1 short cup for smaller batches, 1 mint-green colored spatula, 1 spill-proof tray with 1 lid, 6 Date-dial Storage Cups, 1 Resealable Lid, Storage Tray, and User Manual & Cookbook with a Pocket Nutritionist.

Features for Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System Reviews

Here is all Features for Magic bullet baby care system……..

Easy to Store and Organize
This baby food processor has a 6 refrigerator-friendly Date-Dial Storage Cups so that you can track your freshly prepared baby food without a hassle and without the fear of feeding your baby a rotten food.

Easy to Use
It contains all the tools required for you to prepare and preserve fresh baby foods with ease, with no hassle.

This little appliance is made just for your baby. It has a cute smiley design with a cool mint-green color that is child-friendly.

Your prepared purees can be stored in the spill-proof storage tray that can be easily popped up.

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Complete Guide
It comes with a handy cookbook and a user manual for you to learn some techniques on how to prepare healthy baby foods. Not only that, a pocket nutritionist is included to help you plan a healthy diet for your baby. It offers helpful suggestions for different foods for each stage.

Four Functions
It has four appliance capabilities: It Grinds, Blends, Mills, and Chops.

Best baby food maker

Fast: You can prepare your baby foods in just less than 5 minutes. Also, you can easily prepare and thaw your frozen purees with its easy pop-up batch tray.

Dishwasher-SafeThis appliance and all of its parts are safe to wash in a dish-washing machine.

VersatileThis appliance is versatile that it does not only blend baby foods. This baby food maker comes with a milling blade which can turn the rice, grains, oats, and cereals into a fine powder.

Burning smellThis appliance can produce a smell like a burning rubber most especially when it is used for so long. The motor is too small that it can be overheated quickly. The burning smell shall disappear when the motor is cooled down.

SpillsIt may cause spilling of foods when you prepare past the maximum line.

Questions and Answers:
Question: Is it possible to buy just the power base?
Answer: It doesn’t appear so, it seems Amazon will tend to sell this with the complete baby care system. You can purchase other accessories for the baby care bullet system, but the power base is not considered an accessory that can be purchased separately.

Question: Are all the parts that touch food BPA and pthalate free?
Answer: Yes. All of its parts are BPA and Pthalate Free.

Question: Does this work for small amount of food?
Answer: Yes, you can use the baby food maker for a small amount of food. You may add more boiled water or sauce on the cooked veggies or fruits to reach the desired consistency.

Final Verdict
If your goal is to provide a nutritious, fresh, and healthy foods for your baby, then, Magic Bullet Baby Care System can provide your needs. Not only it will work as a food processor, you can also be guided with some techniques and tips on how to prepare for your baby’s meal with its cookbook and user manual. With its helpful pocket nutritionist, you can also be guided with the appropriate diet for your baby. With its fair price, every cent is worth to spend for.

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