Littleware Baby Food Storage Containers 12 Piece Set Fits Great in Bottle Warmer Review

Baby food storage containers are a must need an item for you if you have a baby. It is a tough task at the end of the day to keep things organized when you have a kid. As a parent, everyone knows the fact that managing the needs of a baby is not easy no matter how expert you think you are. Things get even complicated if we are dealing with food items here and this is why baby food storage containers are important.

Features of Littleware Baby Food Storage Containers

The littleware baby food storage container is filled with valuable features to make your life as a parent easier. Let’s have a quick look at some of the important features that this product offers.

Great for Holiday
When you are going on a holiday, you do not want to take a huge bag for your kid filled with items. This storage helps in that process as it reduces your baggage load. The storage has enough items for each of your food needs including water which will ensure that you have a fun trip without the baggage of carrying a heavy bag.  Interestingly, the company also offers great deals, especially in the holiday seasons. It reflects that the company also knows your needs and the time when you will need this item.

Huge Space
This is very important. If baby food storage cannot offer you enough space, there is no way that you will like using that product. The main purpose of using baby food storage is not to store food items but to store those efficiently. This is exactly what you will get from the model. There are different boxes for different food items. For example, there is a separate box for the vegetable items and there is a separate one for curries. You will also get a few separate boxes for the dry foods and there are specific areas dedicated for storing water. Overall, this sounds like a huge set but the interesting fact is that it is not anyway like that. The storage is very handy to pick and you can easily go for this one without worrying that whether you will be able to store everything in it or not.

Baby Food Storage Containers

Extra Space for Cubes
Think about the efficiency that this product offers. The brand Littleware has been there for a long time now with baby items and they actually did their homework. The package is so good that it also kept a separate section for the ice cubes. We had to mention this one to bring out the efficiency and detailing that this company deals with. You can easily store ice-cubes in this area and though the cubes will not stay cold for a long time, they are stored there for quite a bit before melting down.

  • These baby food storage containers are dishwasher friendly
  • Made in the USA that ensures quality
  • The mouth is 2 inches wide which ensure easy access
  • Very handy to carry around

  • If you are allergic to plastic, you will find this product tough to deal with

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  • Are the containers Phthalate free?

Yes, the containers are not only BPA free but they are also free from Phthalate and other risky elements. As this is a baby item and as it deals with foods, the company tried to make sure that the product is as safe as possible. They are quite successful in that journey.

  • Will the containers nest?

Unfortunately, the containers do not nest and you will have to stack them one at the top of another one. This is a problem but a minor one comparing the benefits it offers.

  • Is it dishwasher friendly?

Yes, the whole setup is completely dishwasher friendly. It is obvious that as you are dealing with the baby items, there will be a mess and you do not have time to deal with all those cleaning processes. The dishwasher friendliness helps a lot in that journey.

Final Verdict
Overall, this is a good product to go for and possibly one of the few quality models in the baby food storage industry. You will have a quality experience with this one for sure.

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