How To Choose Best Electric Scooter For Kids

Electric scooters are one of the coolest gifts that you can give to your kids. Riding an electric scooter is fun and it lets your children enjoy the freedom of being free. You’re giving them a gift to enjoy their youth. It also gives them the green light to go on adventure – even if it’s around the neighborhood. Besides being a fun toy, electric scooters might also serve to develop your child’s observation and learning skills since the activity will grant him/her a chance to overcome challenges such as balancing on the scooter.

Speedy, safe and scintillating, electric scooters are certainly one of those go-to goodies that fuses functionality with fun, offering lessons learnt through the thrills of steering and acceleration, all while giving your kids a responsible and fulfilling sense of freedom.

Tips For Choosing Best Electric Scooter For Kids

Choosing the best electric scooters for kids isn’t an easy task. If you are acquainted with all the basics, then it could be one of the easiest things to do. However, with the daily hustle and bustles, no one has the time to comb through the market so as to find out which electric scooter stands out from the rest. If you have been looking for the best electric scooter for your kids, then you’re at the right place. Below is a comprehensive list of the features that you should look for when buying an electric scooter for your kids:

Build quality:
The dimension or build of electric scooters contributes a lot to the comfort of your children’s ride. Electric scooters usually come in 2 forms, sit-down and stand-on. A stand-on electric scooter is ideal for a child who’s transitioning from manual scooters. They’ll be able to adjust quickly since an electric scooter is just like the manual scooter, except the fact that they’re operated electronically. Some models usually come with a seat and the sit-down scooter will provide your child with an option of sitting down or standing up when riding. They might even come looking like mini Vespas or mini motorcycles. The sit-down scooters often have tires that are few inches larger than usual.

The weight of your child:
Given the fact that your child is 8 years or more doesn’t automatically mean he/she is ready to ride any electric scooter. Your child’s weight is a very important factor when considering which electric scooter to buy. Different electric scooter models are compatible with a wide range of weight. As such, you should consider a scooter that’s big enough for your child.

Best Electric Scooter For KidsRemember, electric scooters that can accommodate high weight capacities shall also be heavier to carry around. Even though it might be tempting to buy a best kids scooter with a larger weight capacity with the possibility of your kid using it as he/she grows, don’t give in. always consider if your young one can actually hand the electric scooter. Lightweight children will have difficulties when handling heavy scooters.

Throttle start:
The latest electric scooter models feature a throttle start as opposed to a kick model. Scooters with the throttle start allows the user to immediately start the motor when a throttle is applied from the halted position, unlike the kick models where the user has to kick the lever before the motor engages. There are some electric scooters from well-known manufacturers that offer a unique feature where the motor engages only when the scooter goes beyond 3 mph. this type of electric scooter is ideal for first time riders who aren’t used to scooting.

Steering handle:
The steering handle refers to part of the scooter that’s used for maneuvering the electric scooter into the desired direction of the rider. It’s often attached to the front wheel of the wheel-driven scooters. Some models have an adjustable steering wheel that might be adjusted accordingly so as to meet the child’s height and arm length. However, for the high powered scooters, it’s best to do away with the adjustable steering handle and just stick with the fixed types.

Maximum speed:
For the sake of your child’s comfort and safety, it’s best to start with scooters that go no more than 10mph. this is the perfect speed to comfortably let them get used to the idea of riding electric scooters. A speed exceeding 10 mph might be too terrifying for both the parent and child, especially for first time riders. As such, for your child’s safety, the first electric scooter should have a 10 mph maximum speed.

One major difference between electric and manual scooters are the brakes. Manually powered scooters will have a brake pad that’s attached to the rear wheels. The brake is usually stepped on by the rider’s foot when he wishes to stop. The brakes found on electric scooters are more advanced as compared to those of manual scooters since the electric types usually travel at high speeds. The electric scooters also have the brake lever, just like the bicycle brakes. When pulled, the lever will slow the engine down with the use of a heavy duty brake pad. You should always look for an electric scooter with a reliable braking system. It’s always safe to get electric scooters that brake at the rear wheel instead of those that break at the front. Such set ups are much safer for kids because sudden on the front wheel night cause the scooter to overturn and in turn cause injuries to your children.

Battery life:
A large amount of fun with an electric scooter depends on the battery life. As such, you should get an electric scooter whose battery won’t need to be changed often. Having rechargeable batteries are one great feature for good electric scooters. This will in turn lessen the frequency of battery change. In case you choose to go with a scooter that’s operated by a rechargeable battery, then look for a model that will require a reasonable amount of time to recharge. You should also choose one that will offer you the most operating time when fully-charged.

Rubber tires are usually more comfortable and smoother as opposed to hard plastic tires. The plastic tires also wear out faster as compared to rubber tires. You should also consider the size of your tires. Always strive to get an electric scooter whose tires match with the child’s size.

Electric Scooters are among the best presents that children can receive from their parents. They represent a great way to move over short distances outside the home. With the above buying guide, you can always be sure to get the best electric scooter for your kids; one that will allow them to enjoy the peace of mind as they start exploring their neighborhood.

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