Hamilton Beach 70730 Bowl Scraper Food Processor Reviews

Have you ever experienced food processing (chopping, slicing, shredding) are time-consuming than cooking? Particularly, you will be in wonder, if you have to prepare chicken sausage, salad or other items altogether within a very short time. I suppose almost everyone facing this problem, especially on the festival day. If you are in this situation I have a mind blowing solution for you. Use Hamilton beach food processor and make happy yourself as well as make your occasion enjoy fully.

Hamilton food processor is not only a food mill but also a useful helping hand at your kitchen. Therefore, I am here today to show you the Excellency of this Cuisinart.

Introducing with the new Hamilton beach 70730 bowl scraper food processor. If you are searching for best quality food mixture for your everyday work, you can go for Hamilton beach 10 cup food processor which can fulfill your purpose I guarantee.

A Brief Review of Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, with Bowl Scraper:
Hamilton beach food processor 70730 is an “ALL IN” choice. At present, the busy guys like us often use a grinder, different slicer or even shredder to make our cooking preparation easy. But do these really work for us? Perhaps you might observe, the most of the time it will break. Or not working properly or sometimes it may cause serious injury if you displace the vegetables or fruits while cutting or slicing. On the other hand, by using Hamilton food processor you will enjoy slicing, mixing, and shredding and forgot about the wound.

I can definitely assure you, it is an excellent product for its high quality and storage capacity. Moreover, Hamilton beach 10 cup food processor comes with compact storage. As it can hold up to ten cups of foods and two and a half liters of liquid items. So, you can effortlessly process food or make milkshakes for 5-6 persons every day.

One other great feature of this superb product is no separate spoon or spatula needed while blending or mixing. It has automatic scrapes sides which are attached to the bowl and you can move it, either the motor in ON or OFF condition.

So, are you getting excited to make your boring cooking job most interesting by using Hamilton beach bowl scraper food processor? Just confirm order now.

Some important Key features of Hamilton beach 70730 food processor:
The new 70730 model Hamilton food processor is made of latest technology where no additional handgrip required. It is compact of-

A stainless steel disc (for slicing, grading):
You will get a disc with different holes and a semi-circle line. Holes and dotted points are used for shredding and semi-circle line is use for slicing vegetables. That means, you do not need to buy extra vegetable cutter or grinder. Food processor Hamilton beach is preferred to do both for you.

Sharp Chopping and mixing blade bar.
If you want smooth chopping you can undoughtabaly relay on Hamilton beach 70730 food processor. It has very sharp chopping blade edge that can chop all of your ingredients within a second. Not only this, the other part of the bar has mixing blade. This is also known as puree maker. If you like tomato ketchup or mayonnaise you can make nicely by using this.

A food pusher glass:
You might need to push the vegetables like (cucumber, potato) while slicing or chopping. A food pusher stand or glass does this job for you to ensure that not even a smallest piece wasted in Hamilton beach food processor.

A bowl with lid:
This is 10 cup food processor. You can straightforwardly realize the bowl is quite big and strong. The lid is also made of high thickness material.

A bowl scraper with handle:
Now come to the most interesting part of Hamilton beach bowl scraper food processor. The supplementary bowl scraper gives this product a new texture. This bowl scraper moves back and forth in order to get all the food around the bowl while chopping or mixing. With a scraper handle, you can move all the blended food inside the bowl if the motor is OFF. Thus, you do not need to open the lid frequently for checking.

Control knob:
There is a control knob adjusted with the bowl handle. So, when you fix the lid with the scraper bowl just tie the knob carefully. Else, there is a chance to displace the lid which results in an accident.

Sticky or Suction cup:
You will love the sticky stand on the bottom of the processor. It holds the 6.2 lbs food mill without scratching the floor or table.

hamilton beach 70730 food processor
Do you have any other query or satisfy with all key components? I expect, newest Hamilton beach 70730 bowl scraper model will exceed your all expectations.

  • A big money and time- saving Cuisinart.
  • All plastic materials are BPA- free.
  • Big capacity holder. 10 cups of food can process together.
  • The sounds of the machine are not too much noisy.
  • All materials are washable. You just have to remove all the parts and put them in a dishwasher.
  • Superb easy setup.
  • Excellent texture.

  • Do not use the ice cube or crushed ice directly.
  • You have to cut the vegetables according to the food pusher size. Otherwise, it will not work properly.
  • You might feel a bit noisy if you use without giving break.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question: How many blades does it have?
Answer: It has only two blades. One is disc blade (for shredding and slicing) and the other one is knife blade for (chopping and mixing).

Question: How many functions does Hamilton food processor perform?
Answer: Four functions:
⦁ Slicing.
⦁ Shredding.
⦁ Mixing or grinding.
⦁ And chopping.

Question: Can we do multiple design slicing?
Answer: No. You cannot. You can only do slicing of given disc size.

Question: Does the shredding items (cabbage, carrots) will get struck in the holes while grading?

Answer: No, absolutely not.
Question: Does the motor become hot after using half an hour continuously?

Answer: As the machine works in two speeds and a post control technique it will not get hot easily.

Final verdict:
Hamilton beach 10 cup food processor is the best choice for all food lovers including vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is also the best-selling Cuisinart in the online business market. However, you can verify some other products. But if you want to innovate your creativity in the cooking world, absolutely you will love Hamilton beach food processor.

Finally, if these review satisfy your all requirements please place the order now.

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